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Apparently fat is genetic?

Okay, so it's not my intention to make this a particularly fat-oriented blog (I mean, sure, I'm a fatty, but my life is about way more than that)...but this shit just pisses me off, and I can't not spout off about it!

I mean, the idea that controls for body weight make up a substantial percentage of the human genome, and that most of those controls lean towards increasing and not decreasing, should clearly demonstrate that HELLO! Nature is inclined to make people more fat than lean. Just like haircolor and wrist circumference and nose shape, body size is something that varies, er, genetically. Seems like a pretty reasonable conclusion to draw from this:

The findings suggest that over 6,000 genes – about 25 percent
of the genome – help determine an individual’s body weight.


But, no. That would be too much to ask. Instead:

“Our results suggest that each newly discovered gene is just
one of the many thousands that influence body weight, so a quick fix to the
obesity problem is unlikely.”

Of course it's unlikely that a "quick fix" will be found....for something that's not an actual problem. (See here, here, and here, just for starters.) Of course, the usual rhetoric is spewed, tying fat to all manner of ills:

Because body weight plays a role in many diseases, including
hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, the implications of the
findings extend beyond studies of obesity and body weight.

Grr. Correlation is not causation. Heaven forbid we recognize natural variation (it's called a Bell curve, people), or the good ol' Obesity Paradox. Sheesh.

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