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Over the past year or so, I've been trying to step into the local food, or locavore, movement. It's kinda tricky living in Chicago, which doesn't have California's year-round growing season, but I'm exploring ways around that (I'm planning to learn how to can for next harvest!) as I am able. I love the idea of eating local because, in addition to putting the focus on fresh, organic foods and finding ways to reconnect with where food comes from, locavores reduce the fossil fuels used in harvesting, processing, and transporting food. Plus, part of my locavorism has involved growing some of my own food (greens, tomatoes, peas, herbs, edible flowers, etc.), which is crazy fun - and saves money, too! Big yays all around.

This little tidbit, from Grist's Tom Philpott, highlights some of the positive progress of the movement. For geeks like me, that's really exciting.

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