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Well, I guess it was inevitable.

I've been blogging at Diaryland since 2001. That's seven whopping years of my life catalogued. But, as dire chance and fateful cock-up would have it, turns out that the old D-land isn't keeping up with the technology and free goodies and stuff as well as other services. Despite the fact that I love that I can freely and easily edit the template to corrupt it to my own lascivious devices...there's a whole boatload of crap that other services come packaged with that I'm kind of interested in checking out. And so....I move on. Seven years of melodramatic overprocessing and overwrought hyperanalysis: toast. I wish I could somehow import all that history into a new blog, but sadly, that's one of the functionalities D-land lacks, and so fuck 'em. I'll have to somehow archive it all, but it will probably take a long time and be an ugly process, and who knows if that will ever be complete. It may just have to live where it lives for posterity.

Hell, maybe this will be, like, a new beginning and stuff.