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Wedded bliss.

My mom was here over the weekend, officiating at a wedding Friday night. She stayed with me, and we spent much quality time together...it was really lovely, and definitely something I needed.

The wedding itself was beautiful...a subtle and sweet blending of Buddhist imagery and traditional Catholic ceremony. There was a strong South American flavor to the festivities - the bridal march was a sassy salsa, and the post-ceremony dinner was all Central- and South-American cuisine (a little spicy for my candyass self, but tasty nonetheless).

The most amazing thing, though, was the atmosphere, and the sense of family. These two huge families came together in celebration, and damn near every one of them got teared up at one point or another, overcome with emotion at their own wishes for happiness for the couple. It was so moving...it was strange observing all of this without being part of it...and I was truly honored to share the experience.

My ideal wedding (should I ever find a man I consider worthy of that formal a commitment) has always been a quickie at the Justice of the Peace, followed by the rippingest party in the history of celebrations. Seeing this family experience the whole ceremony, from start to finish, the solemnity, the humor, and the overriding, inescapable love and support....well, it showed me just why these things are such a big deal. I can see why they're such an important event to share with your loved ones.

Meanwhile, over here in Singles-ville...I try not to get all excited when some punk drives by me, leans out his car window and yells, "Love that booty!"

Yeah, it happened. Try to control your jealousy over my exciting life.

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