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Ten True Things

1. I'm sick and tired of living alone. It makes it too easy for me to be lazy and messy and not to stock my damn fridge and spend too much money on takeout.

2. I bought a DVD player that somehow has no sound. I am very annoyed with this, and cannot decide if it's smarter to take it to a repair place, or to just chuck it and get a different one.

3. I love coffee. I really, really love coffee.

4. I'm listening to my guitar teacher's CDs, and he is really good. I hope it rubs off!

5. I am fabulous.

6. Everybody else is fabulous, too. Not everyone believes it, though. I find that strange and actually really sad.

7. The new band has finally picked a name. Yay!!! I'll share it when we get a webpage and some mp3s and stuff up.

8. I came across the term LWF in my Dilbert calendar today. It means "Lying Weasel Factor." I love that.

9. Singing while drumming is harder than you'd think it would be.

10. I'm thinking about using the new PocketStudio to record some cover songs with just me and the guitar, just for fun, because I am a dork and like that kind of thing. That way, when I'm rich and famous, there'll be some "rarities" that can be traded around the internet. You know, like, the downbeat version of Aerosmith's "Dude Look Like a Lady," and that kind of thing.

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