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Heart's not in it.

Feeling very restless, but for once in my life, it's not because I want to pick up and move a few states away.
I want a more profound change in my life - I want to find my life's work and devote myself to it, so I can have the feeling that my life isn't just a series of days spent pushing paper in a corporate-sponsored felt box. I want to feel like the time I spend contributes to something I believe in, something that matters, and something that means more than a fat shareholder profit margin.

And I'm getting very tired of spinning my wheels in a world where what I say and who I say it to is more important than what I do and how I do it.

I mean, my words are important, but not at my fucking job. Call me crazy, but competence ought to be more important, don't you think?

Meanwhile, I'm working on adverts for my upcoming gig. Woo hoo!!! Next step: find a way to have a few CDs done up in time for that show...

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