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Hello from the Hub of Vacation Land!

So, here I am sitting in my mom's house while my sister's asleep on the couch, trying to sleep off a little of the hangover remnant from last night's Big Bash.

Amazing how often I find myself in this position - the only one awake in the whole house.

Yeah, anyway, the trip here was amazing, the party at my pop's was crazy, crazy, CRAZY fun, I'm expecting to spend some quality time with my sis and some old friends and....(fanfare please) my new cat.

Woo hooooooo!! I got a new cat!!!

He is 13 weeks old, he is all black with a tuft of white fur on between his collarbones, he has hazel eyes, he's freakin' adorable, and his name is Samwise. Because I am a big, fat Tolkein geek, and I wanted to name him Samwise. Actually, it took me a couple days to decide on something. Various members of my family made suggestions: Schmookie, Midnight, Henry, Wallace the Man-Cat (my sister's idea)....and I also had a few I sort of liked (El Pepino - it's from Veggie Tales and means "cucumber" - or Einstein or Johnny Cat in honor of the Man in Black....but then realized that Johnny Cat is a brand of litter), but this is the one I liked best, because I am a Tolkein geek. So, my cat is Samwise. He is sweet and precocious and I anticipate much happiness for both of us.

That's about it for me at the moment, but I know I'm forgetting something in amongst all this fun and frolic. More later, kids. RIght now, I think I need some sleep.

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