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Twenty Naughty Questions.

Excerpts from last night's evening out with the band dudes and company:

"Would you rather have a guy with a really ugly face and a big dick, or a pretty face, but a teeny-peeny?"

"What do you prefer, oral or penetration?"

"Would you rather dominate or be dominated?"

"Kinky sex or love sex?"

The waitress said she preferred a pretty face, would rather be dominated, and preferred love sex. She did, however, back me up on the fact that love sex and kinky sex could be one and the same.

And also, like all the ladies present, she affirmed that size does, in fact, matter. Women will say it does not, but they're just being nice. It matters. Needless to say, this didn't go over so well with the gentlemen present, but you know what? Sometimes the truth hurts.

In other news, it looks like maybe I might not have to go looking for a new roomie. Jury's still out, and I have some reservations still, but at least I don't feel like I've been betrayed at the moment.

Finally, I wrote a song that made my mom cry yesterday. It's a wee bit cheesy, and very family specific. I'm not sure anyone else will get it. But I think I like it. And my mom liked it. And despite the fact that it was written in the basement Starbucks at Marshall Field's, I think it might just be pretty darn good. Of course, only time will tell.

My last tarot class is tonight. I'm ecstatic, because I think it's going to be amazing and fun and wonderful....and a little sad, because it means I won't have a weekly excuse to see these people I've barely begun to know over the past six weeks. Alright, some of them, I won't really miss. But others I will, and still lament the fact that I don't know them better.

In the words of Bilbo Baggins, "I know half of you less well than I like, and like half of you less than you deserve." I'm sure that holds true here, too.

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