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Joy just never ends.

So, I'm checking into political candidates and deciding where to throw my anti-Bush vote. Dean seems alright. Kerry....maybe. And now Clark....same schtick.

Here's my suggestion for the Dems right now. I love the Bush trashing. Do plenty of it myself. Can't stand the bastard. Will move to Canada if he gets reelected. Having said that, though, all the trash talk doesn't clena up his messes. it doesn't get back all the jobs that have been lost. it doesn't bring my brother back from Iraq. it doesn't make this country anybetter. And that's my concern.

Also, any of you out there thinking about voting Green Party or Independent....DON'T DO IT!!!!!! A vote for a third party is a vote for Bush.

This message has been brought to you by Citizens to Elect Anybody-Who-Isn't-George-Dubya-Bush.

In other news, last night was my last session of Tarot class. It was tremendous. Tre. Men. Dous.

There were so many people with such unexpected depths, with insight that I just didn't see coming. It was a good reminder that you really can't judge a book by its cover. Guys who seemed to be just regular old average joes turned out to have some startling insights into some esoteric truths. Girls who barely spoke three words all through class were suddenly forcefully speaking the essence of their assigned archetype. It was really powerful and amazing and plain old cool.

My two charges for the evening - I played the roles of Death and the Moon - were surprisingly compatible. Death, an energy I've always felt pretty strongly in my life, plagued by endings as I have been, was actually kind of fun. I think that card gets a bad rap, even though it's not necessarily a bad thing. In my new deck, it's actually called "Transition" and not Death, which I don't like at all, because - while I think Death shouldn't scare as many people as it does - it should definitely bring a certain gravity. If you've got an ending that significant, it's a life-changing event and something you should approach seriously. It's not the end of the world, though, just the end of something in it.

So, yeah, my take as Death in a reading was definitely a little flip for that attitude, but I wanted to make sure that whoever asked the question understood that Death as an outcoe could be a good thing, a positive thing, and not necessarily a stroke around the corner.

As the Moon, things were a little stickier. My inclination was to say something very similar as Death had - to weed out the unnecessary and keep only what was real, what worked....but that didn't quite feel right, so I went to the cycles-mystery-power thing.

I am still amazed at the lessons I learned from studying that card. it's all about illusion and projection and seeing what's really there and not deluding yourself just because you want to.

Boy, isn't that apt?

The biggest thing I picked up in this class is that my instincts are good. I trust them with reason. I navigate through my life by my gut, and there's a reason I do that; it's because my gut knows what's right for me, and my intuition is the best guide for my actions.

It's difficult to reconcile that certainty with how very wrong some of my perceptions have been over the past year. Then again, maybe my perceptions were on the money. Maybe circumstances or fear or who knows what else got in the way.

Meanwhile, after class, I went home and took a sleeping pill and passed right out. I tmeant a hangover this morning, but at least I got some solid sleep. That's a very good thing.

And now, I have ambitious plans tonight to grab dinner at K's, rehearse with the band, do all the laundry I should've been working on for the past week, and pack up my crap for the trip to my folks' this weekend.
The joy just never ends, people. Never.

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