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Today's dillema - or is it dillema?

So, one of my big rules about life is to do my level best never to hurt other people. This is kind of that whole "an it harm none, do what ye will" thing, only that sounds archaic so I just psycho-babble it down to "never hurt other people." Now, this is pretty much an unattainable goal, because you can't live without causing hurt to someone at some point, it's just inevitable...but you do your best to avoid it whenever possible. Or at least I do.

I'm currently in a situation where my actions could indirectly lead to someone else being seriously hurt. It's an outside possibility, it's not very likely, and it's only indirectly linked to my choices. And the question is...should I go after what I want, knowing I'm endangering someone else's heart?

Is that shirking my responsiblity? Is it conveniently flexing my morals for my own nefarious ends?
Should I quit taking things so seriously? Probably.

Yeah, so aside from this moral dillema involving my chasing a piece of ass (a piece of ass who's a damn good kisser, I might add, which is probably why this decision is so difficult for me)...things are all right. Work is alright. I still have a roof over my head. I'm not stir crazy yet. I'm working on making my world the world I want it to be. C'est la vie.

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