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I'm finally tired! Yay!!

I have crossed over. I have joined the Dark Side. I have been dragged (kicking and screaming I need hardly add) into the millenium. In short, my friends, I have joined the masses and got myself an electronic leash. I mean, cell phone. It was a decision i agonized over; yea, and agonize I did. What plan, what company, what phone....it's insane. Needless to say, I got the least complicated, cheapest phone with the fewest strings attached. Meaning I went with a prepaid plan. I made a few calls and I'm as pleased as it's posisble to be with a phone that makes me feel like I have to yell to be heard.

Ah, well. I couldn't resist forever, I suppose.

Best line thus far today: "I need a slogan, because I won't get the boobs until November."

Other things of note from the weekend: I was given a bamboo plant in a bottle with a Michaelangelo on it; I discussed the virtues (or lack thereof) in the second Lord of the Rings movie; I slept three whole hours; I watched one of the strangest movies ever (Starship Troopers - I can find nothing to substantiate either the horrible reviews or the glowing ones; it had good points and bad ones); I bought The Gossip's "Arkansas Heat" EP which I am thoroughly enjoying.

And currently I am so tired I could pass out on my keyboard right n----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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