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Here's some random babbling for you.

Ye gods, is it normal to be so passionately in love with life? Don't answer that, 'cause I know it's not and I'm a freak, but I can't help it!!!

It's just that life is just packed with these amazing moments that just blow my mind. When you stop and think about it, any second, every second, you are capable of anything. Literally...I mean, right this second I could decide to scream at the top of my lungs, or I could giggle at the blushing intern walking by my cube, or I could be listening to an mp3 a friend sent me, or I could be drinking coffee, or I could be contemplating the interconnected nature of the universe, or a million other things I can't even think of.

Instead, I am typing words that poorly express what I'm feeling.

The weekend was good. I watched Amelie (opted for mudslides over either margaritas or wine....they were on sale, what can I say?) and actually managed to get seven almost uninterrupted hours of sleep Saturday night.
I attempted to learn the Tesla song, but let's just say that it didn't happen. I did, however, manage to pull out the version of Simon & Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound" that I haven't done in awhile for fear of the dreaded B-minor chord that kicks my ass every time I play it. It still kicked my ass, but I put up a good fight.

The coffeehouse audience was fabulous. I love them. They appear to love me. It's not the most profitable thing in the world (tips and free coffee which I don't drink), but just hanging out and playing whatever pops into my head....it's very gratifying.

And then there was the guy that told me I was beautiful and kissed me. That was nice.

I'm re-reading "Pride and Prejudice" and planning on working up some new covers for tomorrow night, when I will yet again be playing the coffeehouse. My landlord is putting new windows in my library, I'm listening to the finished mixes of eleven tracks worth of my music, and I'm going to get my promo pics back this week sometime.

Life is shit, sometimes, but it's amazing how much fun you can have if you stop worrying about it and just do what comes naturally.

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