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SFSV: the latest.

(So, I'm starting my summer vacay in spring. I know. Semantics, people.)

Two parts of the Stress Free Summer Vacay (SFSV) plan of action are taking a bunch of classes, and working on recording an album.

On the taking classes side, things are a bit dicey thus far....although Metromix was present with a TV camera to interview me about my experience, the drum class I planned to take may not pan out after all, due to low enrollment. (Seriously, if you have $95 to spare, live in Chicago, and have any interest in accompanying bellydancers, this is totally the right class! Click here and SIGN UP ASAP, or it's cancellation city.) Classes on the agenda a bit down the road: pottery at Lillstreet, Italian at Discovery Center, and maybe some workshops at Chicago Hot Glass. I may add another language or something, if the drum class doesn't pan out. We shall see.

On the music side of the house, I met a guitarist/engineer/producer last night that I'm going to be working with to sort out an album's worth of tunage and get it all laid down right and proper. No half-ass demo shit, no "adequate but not spectacular" shit...I'm going for polish, which means hiring other people to do the work that isn't songwriting and singing. The first step of that is done, and now I just have to funnel money and time into the project to wrap it up. I suspect it may take months. And I'm mostly okay with that.

In other news, I've sorted my feed reader with a Pollyanna filter, so hopefully I can stop worrying about the fucking fiscal disaster on Wall Street and start regrowing all the brain cells that were killed in the rage...

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Kyeli said...

I am super, super excited about your forthcoming album! You can bet I'll be among the first to own it, as soon as my hot little hands can get it. (: