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I'm throwing two boots at Bush!

I'm throwing two boots at Bush, during his last moments as anything more than a tragic historical footnote.

I'm throwing those boots for all the millions of people whose lives have been made worse by the misguided decisions and policies of the Bush administration. I'm throwing them for the soldiers and civilians who have died in a needless war. I'm throwing them for the disregarded civil rights, for the disregarded human rights, for the disregarded principles and lessons of history. I'm throwing them for the voiceless and oppressed, the forgotten and the ignored.

Bush, Cheney, Rove, and everybody else that willfully conspired in the horrors of the past eight years: though this moment is overflowing with new hopes and anticipation of dramatic and beautiful change, I do not forget your actions. I curse you with Justice.



DaisyDeadhead said...

I threw a pretty big boot, too! (actually a leg cast!)

All these BOOTS, he's gotta have a real virtual headache by now...

Tari said...


Here's hoping!!

Andrea said...


or is it HEAR, HEAR! either way. *chucks boots*