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Happy Inauguration Day!

...or, as we call it in my family, Dad's birthday!

Today, I was very in touch with being a citizen of the United States. Besides finally getting the inadequate office tech (multibillion dollar global corporation...and we don't even have the latest version of Flash - wtf?) to finally stream MSNBC live, so I could get all teary over freedom and progress and hope and change...I also got my electronic W2, so I e-filed my tax returns. Give me my fucking money, Uncle Sam!!

Interesting: I noticed that the amount of taxes I'm paying has gone down again from last year's number, despite a little bump in my income. I don't make bucketloads of money, but WTF?! I shouldn't be paying less tax when WE'RE AT FREAKING WAR!!

Not that I won't take that bigger tax return and spend the shit out of it.


So, yeah. A new era of peace and prosperity. Opportunity for everyone - education, employment, access to resources and housing and healthcare. Safety and security, ensured by diplomacy and an awareness of our ability to impact the world for the better. An end to war. Accountability. Sustainability - both environmentally and economically.

Those are my hopes. If even one of them is mostly realized, I will be pretty damn happy.

I told my dad the whole world was celebrating his birthday this year. Happy birthday, Dad. I hope you like your awesome new president!

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