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State of the Tari: Update.

So, you know, shit's going down and I'm dealing with it, more or less. I'm mostly just distracting myself, which is working for me at the moment. I'm sure it will quit....but I'm living the gospel of mmmmmmmmfuckit, for now, and I'm going to do so until it stops working.

I finished painting my bedroom over the weekend, which is unutterably awesome. It's the first time I've ever had a room without white or beige or pastel walls (they're orange and red and fabulous). I also read several books (I started the Sookie Stackhouse books...'cause for some reason I'm into vamps and werewolves lately - though not fucking Twilight thankyouverymuch) and watched half of Firefly (Malcolm Reynolds is good for my soul). I didn't drink myself into a stupor, though, so I count it a win.

I had planned to record some demo tracks over the weekend, in which endeavor I was thwarted by this random, unending, and mysterious beeping coming form the neighbor's apartment. This happens every now and then, the beeping, and it goes on and on and on...and I pretty much lose my mind trying to understand what the fuck it could be and why someone doesn't make it stop, for fuck's sake. This round, it lasted for hours, right during the time I had set aside for recording. So, not so much with the recording.

And hey, just to put it on your calendar, if it's not already there....I'm playing as part of an acoustic showcase at Silvie's on December 8th. I'll play some music (maybe even some holiday music?!), I'll drink some....a good time will be had by all. Including you, if you show up. Woo!

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