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Morning after.

I'm still tearing up every time I bump into a transcript.

My voice is a couple octaves lower than usual, from all the screaming.

I took almost 300 pictures, but most of them are grainy crowd shots. I'll be posting up the decent shots later today, once I wade in and sort them out.

I am unhappy about a lot of the news out there, especially Prop 8...and I know there's a helluva lotta work yet to be done....

...but for now, I want to bask in the fact that I live in a country that has knocked down yet another barrier to equality. I have a black president.

Hell fucking yes.

ETA: Okay, so upon review, it seems I left the damn USB cable for my camera at home, so I will be unable to multi-slack at the office and weed through the dross for the photo gold (or at least the non-blurry, semi-interesting crowd shots). Typical. I am such a fucking flake sometimes!

Also, shout out to my Michiganders for legalizing medical marijuana and stem cell research. Right on, Mitten!!

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