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Oh, Friday, how we love thee...

First, there's the ol' take-a-picture-right-this-second thing, via muddyslush:

take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
then post that picture with NO editing.
if you want, you can also post with these instructions

((My dad would totally tell me to get my hair out of my eyes.))

In other news, the tattoo is healing well; I think I may be good on the mildew front from last weekend's adventures in flooding; I've abandoned my latest attempt at putting together a band, and am back to going after solo gigs (and trying on a couple different potential replacement collaborations); my office is being "densified" (which I think means "made stupider"), so I'm working out of boxes in a temporary cube; I'm working a serious case of activist fatigue (although I will be headed out to the beach tomorrow for the annual cleanup); and finally, I intend to spend some serious time this weekend not talking to anyone but my guitar.

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