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Good things.

My sinuses have rebelled, and I am extracting snot by the bucketful out of my head. I am surrounded by the oh-so-sexy smell of monthol, and my nose could light the way for Santa. Also, apparently I'm glassy-eyed and pasty white (or more so than usual).

In short, I'm sickly, and so today I am writing about good things. I could use the reminder.

First off, I am going to see Girlyman next month. If you're not a fan of them already, and you dig awesome harmonies and alt-folk with bluegrass flavors and tasty lyrics - you should totally check out their stuff. (They're playing Schubas on October 12, in case you're interested.)

Next good thing on my list:

I love someecards!

Moving right along....I love the CTA. I know it's imperfect - I know it's inconsistent and always bogged down with some construction project or other - I know it's blatantly classist and racist, in terms of access and service and cleanliness. But, for all of that, it lets me live car free, and for that it has my love, much like mass transit the world over. (Or, in my case, the country over:)

Show off your mass transit usage at b3co.com!

Next good thing on my list? Tonight is the season premiere of Heroes! I'm not normally a schedule-my-life-around-TV kinda girl, but since I'm sickly anyway, plopping my hiney in front of the tube seems a reasonable way to spend my evening. Woo hoo!

And today's special good thing? A new "Target: Women" from the ass-kicking Sarah Haskins!

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ottermatic said...

Yeah! Heroes! I'm wicked excited about that, too. We're going out for German food for dinner so I hope the husband remembered to DVR it, or I will weep.

And I feel you about the CTA. I moved here from NC where I tried valiantly to take the bus to work only to discover it would 1) take nearly two hours one way; 2) still require me to walk almost four miles; and 3) COST MORE THAN DRIVING. Probably not now, but in 2001-2004 it did. Before NC, I lived in Atlanta, and I guess I don't need to tell you about MARTA. Delaware had a decent bus system, but it stopped running at 8 pm every night. Boulder had a good bus system. Northern California had a hitchhiking system, heh. But nothing has come close to the CTA.

The CTA definitely pisses me off in some way about twice a day, but boy am I glad to live in a city with a mass transit system good enough to allow me to be car free.