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Rolling on a river.

The Mississippi River is a thread connecting two major pieces of serious Work in the Universe today: New Orleans, crouching in preparation for Gustav to roll onshore, and the Twin Cities, where RNC protesters and the GOP faithful who seem determined to undermine any action that might mar the convention are battling it out in the streets and soon in the courts.

No matter what happens, my spidey sense tells me Something is Afoot, and It Will Be Big. I'm sending good juju to both ends of the big river today, but especially those whose lives and livelihoods have already suffered Katrina's devastation, and now may face another round of horrors at the hands of Gustav and the Bush administration's ineptitude.

I'm sending protection, support, strength, and hope to the people who most need it (and also as much cash as I can spare). If you are able and inclined, please do the same.

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