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Let's say you're a woman, and you have a yen to go shake your booty for a couple hours at a club. Let's say you aren't in it for the showing off of your cute club wear, or for the inevitable folks that would likely invade your dance space, or for the challenge of simultaneously drinking your weight in shots and not puking while bouncing around like a crack-addled jumping bean. Let's say you just wanted to dance, and dance, and dance some more.

If you're a woman (and, hell, maybe if you're a guy, too, though I can only speak from my own experience here), there aren't very many clubs where you can manage to just dance, without fending off ass grabs and stumbling home with spilled-beer-covered cute club wear. Or at least, that's been true until now: now, there's Dance Dance Party Party!!

I went to DDPP Chicago for the first time last night, and I had a hella good time. It was unbelievably awesome: 90 minutes of quality booty-shaking, with "no booze, no boys, no judgments" to boot! I haven't had that much dance-based sober fun in yeeeears. I mean, not since my old roomie Sue and I used to have '80s Dance Night in her studio in Atlanta (which involved quality New Wave tunage from her record collection, and the two of us seeing who could concoct the most ridiculous '80s-esque dance move...preferably involving some kind of homage to one of the Jacksons). I'll be back, for sure...and I'll be working on mentally assembling my own ass-kicking mix of dance-tastic tunage (participants can be volunteer DJs via Ye Olde MP3 Player Mixes!).

If there's a DDPP near you, and you're a chick (sorry, dudes, woman-only space), I highly recommend checking it out.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah DDPP!!! I'm totally sore today, though. Ha!

Tari said...


I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little stiff just sitting at my desk today. I keep trying to sneak in little yoga breaks...