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FUotD: Barack Obama

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...hey, Barack Obama: FUCK YOU!

Here's the e-mail I just sent through Obama's Senate website:

Dear Senator Obama:

It is with sadness and confusion that I write to you today. I was shocked to read today's headlines indicating your support and planned expansion of George W. Bush's Faith Based Charity policy, as well as your position that some hiring and firing based on religion was allowable.

I understand the fine line you walk as a politician, needing to compromise with many differing viewpoints in order to move the country forward. Although I disagree with the positions, I get why you supported the FISA compromise, why you have developed more nuanced positions on Israel and diplomacy and complicated issues. I don't fault you for trying to find a way to appropriately represent all Americans, and to make decisive choices in complex situations.

I cannot for the life of me, though, understand why a liberal (let alone a progressive) would support a program that has eroded the separation of Church and State, without improving social services or the overall well being of Americans one whit, and would pile on additional exemptions that amount to discrimination on the base of religious beliefs. As a non-Christian, this is near and dear to my heart, and any allowance for religious discrimination feels like the first step on a slippery slope leading to further discrimination that has the potential to impact my life in tangible ways.

I believe that faith based social services are wonderful things...but they should absolutely be funded privately by people who support the faith itself, and not using my tax dollars. I believe these programs do vital work, and help lots of people...but I also have no doubts that the helping hands come with the price tag of evangelism, and that's not something I'm interested in funding.

I also believe that there are social service programs that provide equal or better assistance without the added burden of religious coercion - and to reduce or divert funds from these truly equal opportunity organizations seems almost criminal to me. Since I don't have the ability to directly determine what my tax dollars are paying for, I rely on you to speak for me...and in this matter, that's just not happening.

I have been so happy to have you representing me in Congress these past few years. I was thrilled to see you enter the Presidential race. I believe that you have the potential to reverse much of the damage of the Bush administration...but adding fuel to the already volatile fire of religious conflict in this country is not part of the healing I believe this country needs. Please reconsider this position.

Best regards,
Tari Follett


Anonymous said...

Last night I was watching some TV show about giant monuments and Jeff was on the computer and he said, "I have to stop reading any election coverage until after it's over."

And I said, "What has he done now?"

And this is what he was talking about. It's like, I KNOW he has to be all middle of the road and stuff, and I was never an Obama disciple but it is still disappointing.

Tari said...

Totally. I mean, this is just....shocking. This isn't compromise, this is carrying forward (expanding?!) one of the major fleecing initiatives of the fucking Bush administration!

Honestly, yesterday was the first time I ever seriously considered not voting for Obama.