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The Month of Tari!

I declare the normally lusty month of May....the Official Month of Tari! Why? I'm so glad you asked!

Firstly, May is the month that holds the day that marks the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival on this fair planet. If I was a furniture store or a bazillion dollar multi-national corporation, I would mark this with stock dividends and a reception with balloons, or possibly awesome prices on bedroom ensembles. Sadly, I think balloons are overrated, haven't gone public yet, and likewise keep my bedroom ensembles (and any related prices), er, in my bedroom. So, I have to find other ways to celebrate the inauguration of my third decade. My solution: take a whole month!

My next reason for making May the Month of Tari? It's just got so many cool things going on. The premiere of America the Beautiful, the Chicago Green Festival (more on that in a later entry), Looptopia (an all night festival that just *happens* to coincide with the dates of Beltane - interesting, innit?), not even to mention the awesome food activism class I'm teaching with the amazing Jennifer Byers starts up (have you registered yet? what're you waiting for?).

In addition, May is a family-oriented month for me. My mom is coming down for our annual joint Mother's Day/Birthday celebration, and then later in the month, I'm going home for a baby shower for one sister...and to finally meet the new nephew (well, and see his mom and all my other family that live in those parts, too). I'm finally done moving, and now I have time to procrastinate from the unpacking by doing family stuff. Very exciting!

Finally, and I can't stress this one enough, May is my birthday month. I will be turning 30. I will be doing really nice things for myself (can you say spa day?), reminding myself that I'm worth splurging on (can you say tattoo?), and then throwing myself a big drunken bash with as many of my favorite people as I can convince to come out and listen to me play some tunage and then drink my weight in tequila!

So...should you choose to join me in celebrating the Month of Tari, you have a few options. You could go see America the Beautiful and support an indie director doing great work I admire and support. You could donate to Greenpeace's MusicWood program. You could join the ACLU or the ONE Campaign. You could write to the Anti-Advertising Agency for some awesome "You Don't Need This" stickers, and go engage in some activist graffiti. Or, you could come get a new tattoo with me...all awesome acts of celebration in the Month of Tari. (Which, technically, doesn't start for another two days. Consider this advance notice!)

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jennifer byers said...

WOO HOO! Welcome Tari Month! I know I'll be celebrating.

Love ya - J