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So, in the process of archiving all the entries from my old D-land diary, I came across some entries that are just boooooring recap, with the exception of a brilliant sentence or two. I have decided that those brilliant sentences need to be saved from ignominy. What I found so far has been captured here.

  1. From 9Sep2003. "The lesson I'm learning, I suppose, is that people who say they're sensitive probably mean they're hyper-sensitive about themselves, not that they're sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. People who are sensitive with regard to other people never have to say so. "

  2. From 15Sep2003. "Sometimes, I wish all the people I loved were in one place, so we could all go out to a bar on a miserable, heartbreaking day like today...and drink till we were sloppy drunk and get maudlin and weepy and have big drunken singalongs that ended in group hugs and a reminder that the world is okay, as long as you're still surrounded by the people you love. "

  3. From06Oct2003. "Cats should never be allowed to play around full length mirrors. It's just asking for trouble. In a related note, full length mirrors should be hung on the wall, never just left leaning against the wall. Especially if you have a cat that might slide behind the mirror, accidentally bump it into a nose dive, scream like a banshee when it shatters into a hundred knifelike shards, jump four feet into the air and spend the next hour whimpering under the bookcase. To give a general example. "

  4. From 24Oct2003. "Funniest typo ever: leave the 'i' out of 'doing.' Makes it 'dong.' I do it all the time, and every time, I laugh my ass off. Yeah, I know it's not really that funny. "

  5. From 19May2004. "I like the idea of making my life what I want it to be....by actually making my life what I want it to be. Which seems like a no-brainer until you try to actually do it. "

  6. From 25June2004. "Ever have those days where you'd like to carry a sign that says, "Fuck you, world"?
    This makes three or four of them in a row. "

  7. From 13July2004. "As it turns out, most people are idiots. Probably including me. "

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