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What a freakin' week.

I wrote a song yesterday morning that used the phrase "fuck you" four times. That should give you an idea of the kind of week I've had.


Things learned over the past few days:

* Being angry makes me sick. Literally. I have a cold now.

* When it comes to cooperative efforts, it's not enough for one person to want to make it work.

* Taking responsibility for your own choices is harder for some people than others.

* Kids are wonderful, but I'm really glad I don't have any.

* In a related note, no thinking being over the age of ten should ever have to experience "Power Rangers: Ninja Storm," a TV show that is a visual version of Chinese Water Torture.

* Thrift stores are havens for rudeness.

* One Hour Photo developing occassionally takes four days. I know. The math didn't work right for me, either.

Meanwhile, despite ongoing drama and the week's unexpected realizations...I did watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" (yummy Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp), get some new sweaters on the cheap, decide to have a New Year's Eve party, and spend some quality time with good friends...even if it did involve Power Rangers.
And to those unfortunates who had the bad luck to talk to me this week....I am truly sorry for the auto-rant that kicked in whenever someone got in hearing range. I've been all angerball all week...but I think I'm feeling better now. It may be safe to talk to me again.

Endings lead to new beginnings. Looks like it's time to start something.

P.S. The song has bounced back a bit....back to 4.6 stars and jumped up ten pegs in the rankings. It's not that my faith is restored or anything...it just makes me happy.

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