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Bits and pieces.

In case the recent vague-ness has annoyed you, the big drama of late relates to the fact that the band is going through some stuff, possibly ending completely, possibly being reinvented, but definitely not going to continue in its heretofore kickass form.

Can we have a moment of silence for the greatness that will never be?
Thank you.

You know something I really hate?

No, I mean aside from our idiot president, who I pity more than I hate.

I hate the fact that people who are victims of abuse, of rape, of neglect...I hate how *they* are the ones who feel guilty, who feel inferior, who apologize and agonize and spend the rest of their lives dealing with a shitload of unpleasantness...all because one guy or girl abandons sanity and hurts them.

It makes me so angry.

Eating rice with chopsticks is an interesting way to spend a lunch break.

The end of the year sucks. That is all.

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