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Cease to persuade...

So, the weekend.

Last shows were solid, aside from a few amusing snafus (notably, the fact that I completely forgot the very first song we play, and so had some really fun capo capers right off the bat Friday night). Bittersweet, though. I'll miss it. I'm very tempted to keep an eye out for an acting opportunity - it's been so long...and it's so much fun...

But I think maybe I better just ratchet down and focus on the music for the moment.

Weekend highlights, though:

* reminded that I am the klutziest chick in the world
* number of drinks spilled: 3
* reminded that the music in karaoke bars sucks
* song I back-up sang for another chick: D'Vinyls' "I Touch Myself"
* reminded that sucky music doesn't mean you can't shake what your mama gave you
* number of blue-eyed hotties asked me to dance: 1
* number of creepy karaoke bar regulars asked me to dance: 1
* number of times mentally thanked my mom/the universe/Donna Summer for my talents on the dance floor and the ability to effectively use my cleavage: lost count (distracted by blue-eyed hottie whirling me around dance floor courtesy of Elvis)
* reminded that being a chick is a helluva lot of fun

So, yeah. Good times. Now, back to recording stuff, and shilling for gigs, and plotting my New Year's Eve bash. Wahoo!

Post-script: my song on garageband.com broke the top 50 songs in its genre and hit a 5 out of 5 star ranking!! Go me!!

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