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About last night.

So let's talk about last night, wherein the band consisted of me and our bass player running '50s covers between scenes from Two Gentlemen of Verona with almost no preparation...and we pulled it off pretty darn well, if i do say so myself. Of course, it'll be infinitely better when we've got the lead guitar to really pull things together, but all things considered, I'm not embarassed (much) by last night's work.

Interestingly, we got the biggest laugh of the show when we did five seconds of "Tequila" after a particular scene. Gotta like that.

If you'd asked me before the show how I thought it would go, I wouldn't have been so optimistic, though. I had a hellacious day at work (bound to happen when you work in an industry that combines the worst aspects of both accountants and lawyers and turns everyone into a giant motherfucker), and barely made it to the theater five minutes before show time, giving me and the bass player only a few minutes to tune up, warm up, and run through stuff before we were on.

Some amusing highligts from the show: we had the creakiest chairs on the planet that let loose 150 decibel metallic shrieks every time we moved slightly; a particular piece of the set that represented a urinal in one scene was inadvertently left onstage for the next (whoopsie!); one cast member revealed a surprising sense of humor when the director was giving notes after the show...it's nice to know that I'm not the only one annoyed by certain aspects of the production; I was reminded at several points how much fun it is to be part of a production...it's like being part of a little family, especially on small-scale endeavors like this one.

So, yeah, yesterday started out as a shit-fest, and wound up not being too bad after all. Wonders never cease.

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