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Annapolis is a gorgeous place. A little chi-chi for my white trash blood, but still...the water is beautifulo, the boats are beautiful, the Academy is beautiful, and there's this pseudo-historic/tourist-y shopping area that's pretty neat. They have bricked streets and lovely architecture, and it's just generally a pretty interesting place. It reminds me of Southampton crossed with Savannah. That will only make sense to people who have been both places, but trust me, it's a nice comparison.

Sidenote: I hate typing on a laptop while wearing the faux nails. My fingers are a half inch longer than I am used to, and the keyboard is an inch smaller. The backspace is getting lots of use right now.

I'm actually sort of enjoying this trip...it's been very calm and peaceful, or at least since I got here, it has. The flight from Chicago was a bitch - delayed ON THE RUNWAY almost two hours, got in very late here, and spent yesterday trying not to fall asleep in all my meetings. Luckily, I hit the bed when I got back to the hotel last night and slept like the dead for almost seven hours, which I haven't done in I don't know how long. It was blissful. I didn't even wake up for the crazy thunderstorms that passed over the area last night...heard them described on the local news in the morning, and was amazed.

It's interesting being out east for business...the biggest thing I notice is that every time I make one of these trips, we always talk about 9-11. Sure, most of us in the industry knew people or are somehow involved, plus I can't even begin to explain how that event effected the insurance industry across the board, but even now, almost two years past, we hash it out, we talk about the horror and the fear and the atrocity.

Typically, we follow that conversation with a heated discussion about how stupid our president is.
Man, I miss my guitar!

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