Loud-mouthed liberal feminist. Anarchist knitter. Tequila-drinking artsy-smartsy fat chick. Bluesy folk-rock singer-songwriter. Rebel with too many causes. Quirky eclectic pagan poet. Paradoxical intuitive smartass. Sarcastic brainiac insomniac. You know, for starters.


Notes to self.

1. No amount of desire, ambition, or excitement will suddenly give you the energy (or budget) to do everything you want to do Right. This. Second. So stop attempting to do that, recognize your limits, adjust your fucking plans, and get the hell over it already.

2. When you get that pre-panic-attack feeling because you're trying to force both brain and body to do seventeen things at once? Stop the out-loud litany of "come on, Follett, get your shit together." Wherever you are, whatever you're trying to do, just sit down. Give yourself the gift of three minutes where you can be silent and breathe and not froth at the mouth because you're late or behind or can't find an outfit you like or haven't unpacked what you're looking for. The world won't end if you are late, or take another hour to find an outfit you like, or don't get to everything on your To Do List or never unpack anything again ever. Panic attacks, on the other hand, hurt like a bitch....so just, you know, don't.

3. Until you consistently have room in your head (not to mention your schedule) for three squares, a good night's sleep, the day job, and music....do yourself a favor, and don't try to get all political or into some huge community-garden-project or something. It will not help with the aforementioned pre-panic-attack thing.

4. You say it to other people all the fucking time, but do you ever actually do it? BE WHERE YOU ARE, ASSHOLE.

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