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What's goin' on?

Holy cats, boys and girls and other-gendered beings! Things is flyin' fast and furious 'round these here parts...and certain people are apparently taking advantage of this fact to play fast and loose with things like proper grammar.


What's going on with me these days is a whole helluva lot. Allow me to bullet point:

* SFSV is going well in some ways, less well in others. I've got a lot going on that I can't really set aside just now, so I'm still carrying some stress (mostly job-related stuff, which is what it is in this financial climate). I have, however, started the pottery classes (well, class, since I've just had one so far) - which I really am enjoying. I have to be careful, since this is yet another thing that stresses out my thumb-based tendonitis...but I think I can adapt the process to make it bearable. Plus, just the idea of making my own vessels and dishes and such is way exciting - and we haven't even gotten to the wheel-throwing bits yet (tonight!!). I start Italian classes in a couple weeks, and I'm debating taking some pricey sewing classes from a local designer that are apparently awesome enough to justify the price.

* This year, the garden is off to a faster start than last year. Assuming I don't come down with a mystery illness (knock wood), we should have a better harvest this time around. Remains to be seen whether I wind up avoiding the backyard because of the rabid mosquito population, or if the crops get enough sunlight. But! There are chickens (well, still more chicks than hens, but they're growing quickly), and that can only be a good thing.

* I'm now officially working on recording a real, live, actual, fancy-schmancy album, with a producer/engineer and studio musicians and everything. The process has just started, and I am excited to see how it shapes up. If all goes well, I should have a finished product ready to launch by the end of the summer. If you want to get in on the hooplah that will be associated with this, you may want to mark your calendar for something the last weekend in August...

So, that's the basics of what's going on. The next few months are busy like whoa, in the best way. I am sneaking in at least one trip up to the country estate to lounge in my dad's hammock under the apple tree, though, come hell or high water!

Important side note: For those who don't already know, awesome fat activist bloggers Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby wrote a book that was released this week. (Check it out at Powell's or Amazon or at Women & Children First if you're a Chicago local.) I've read Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere, and I can tell you it's really a delightful read. It's also a great introduction to Fat Acceptance, on both a personal and an activist level. So, you know, go buy it. Or get it from your library. Or borrow my copy if you know me.

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