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Reasons why this day, like its buddy yesterday, can bite me.

1. Allergies. I don't get them every year, only sometimes. Of course, the year I am spending craploads of time and money to record music, which depends on being in good voice, which can't happen with sinuses filled with snot and a scratchy throat....of course, this year, the allergies show up with a vengeance. Awesome. That whole thing about Tauruses having gorgeous singing voices, but also lots of throat-related health problems: fucking true.

2. Assholes on the train. Two mornings in a row now, I have said "excuse me" to the person standing directly in the walkway between me and the doors, had no response, tapped on shoulder and made eye contact and said "excuse me" again, and the person does not move again. I have been twice now forced to basically walk right over people who apparently don't understand that "excuse me" is a polite warning that you're about to get trampled by a fat girl if you don't fucking move your ass out of her way.

3. Being lectured and/or yelled at during a fire drill. A fucking drill, and I got a guy crawling up my ass because 1.) I'm on the phone when the announcement is made (which I can't help) and am trying to wrap up the phone call professionally while also getting with the drill; 2.) I get ten feet from my desk, then turn around to grab some tissues (see above, re: snot-filled sinuses), so I don't have to use my sleeve while the fire dept. rep tells us stuff about emergency drills as if we have never done one before or are unable to recognize the importance of proper emergency procedures (like, hi...you do know we all work in insurance, right?); and 3.) I'm not properly chastened by the lecture about not going back for stuff or carrying stuff, and refuse to get contrite about it. DUDE. It's a fucking drill, and a tissue is not a cup of fucking hot coffee I'm going to spill. Also, you're up my ass to hurry...I wasn't even the last one out. People can *so* kiss my ass today.

4. There will be no Italian class for the moment. I had to cancel that because of work travel stuff. Also, the pottery class that I paid a premium to take? Yeah, I missed last week's and will also be skipping next week's. You know, three out of five classes. Great. Makes me feel like I need to go in and do assloads of studio time to try and get my money's worth. Or at least learn how to throw a pot on the wheel without turning my hands to hamburger or having both forearms go totally numb. As much as I wish the SFSV was going well...evidence indicates the contrary. Le sigh.

5. I'm having trouble remembering just how very lucky I am. I have a home, a job, people who love me, food to eat, clothes to wear, and luxuries most of the world doesn't. I hate that I feel so craptastic, when by all rights I should be grinning every moment of every day. Hey, Self, yer privilege is showing; you might want to see to that.

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