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I know that "staycation" made LSSU's list of words that should be drawn, quartered, tarred, feathered, and then drop-kicked off the planet....and hell, I even agree.....but, well, it's what I'm doing this week. I wanted some time off after the crazy of the past couple months, but I don't really want to sink a lot of dosh into travel quite yet...so here we are. With bad TV on in the background, telling me how Katie Holmes isn't "just wearing baggy clothes," she's starting a trend called "boyfriend clothes." Um....what? Dudes, that "trend" has been around FOREVER. It is not new.


I have ambitious plans to hit the spa and read a bunch of books and watch a bunch of movies and write a bunch of music and maybe even try to get out on a date or two. Who knows? Most importantly, I am not stressing about shit. Just not fucking doing it. If something bothers me, it will cease to exist. Just mmmmmmmmmmfuckit and gone. Lalala.

Happy new year everybody!

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