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Happy Winter Holiday of Your Choice.

My mind is churning with things to babble about, but I haven't the time to properly pull them out and put them in any semblance of coherency. I'm filled with so many conflicting emotions, I can barely keep my head on straight. And the holidays....well, they can fuck right off this year. I want to fast forward a couple weeks.

I will say that I have happily discovered Joel Rakes, who not only has some tasty music out there to buy, but is also giving away some delightful holiday tunage for free on his website. It's good stuff - slightly twangy guy-with-a-guitar music, with some creative and interesting arrangements. Music is one of the few joys for me this season, so I'm happy to find something I really dig.

Meanwhile, something poetical to sum:

there is a smiling sadness
welling up within me
the corners of my mouth
are creaking

it is not regret
tugging at my brows
but bittersweet gratitude
for my mistakes

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