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Bullet points.

* Yeah, the gov has been arrested. Here's my surprise face. Did anybody think it was anything but a matter of time before this dude was caught in something shady?

* Both The Mayer and Mraz are up for multiple Grammies. Yay!

* The show last night was...a Monday night show. Adding in everyone (Thanks Chris D.!) who showed up on my behalf, we had a total audience of three people. Sweet! Luckily there was bar staff and all the other performers to pad that number a little. I've played to smaller crowds, so this wasn't so bad. The other performers? Jayme Dawicki (piano driven pop with tasty harmonies and really slick arrangements) and Riely O'Connor (good ol' John Prine-y storytelling songwritery goodness!) - yay for funky spellings!

* I'm playing Risque Cafe in Wrigleyville tomorrow night. 9:30. It's free to get in, and they have $2 PBRs. Just saying.

* Also, I'm playing the holiday event at Lake Side Cafe, my fave veggie joint. This is vegetarian food that non-veggies will love; I personally prefer it to Chicago Diner, even. Anyway, the tix for the event are $19 in advance, and worth every penny....plus of course, I'll be playing after dinner.

* The website has been recently updated, with some free holiday mp3s on the front page...plus I posted up a recording of "Ode to an Ass Clown," the meanest, nastiest, cussingest bitter break up song I've ever heard. If you like that sort of thing.


Tony R said...

May your upcoming shows will be packed with crowds that adore you!

Tari said...

Thanks!! Here's hoping...