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This Prop 8 Bullshit.

Okay, Californians, we have got to fucking talk.

First off, I've never been to the West Coast, so I only have media-ratified ideas about your culture and a few secondhand impressions from my city-hating sister and an old roomie who lives in L.A. However, all of this information has led me to believe that y'all were on the cutting edge of social mores. I mean, your Republican governator has actually made statements talking about how he represents all of the people of California, not just the ones who share his beliefs - that's some radical politician talk, there!

When I talk to my rural farmfolk family about social anarchy and radical environmentalism and anti-capitalist, anti-consumerism stuff, you're the people I'm thinking of. You and your awesome climate and your free thinking and your awesome labor movements and your state-regulated medical marijuana and your access to alternative medicine and yoga and various flavors of woo and local food networks and your legal marriage for any two people who want to get married and are over the age of consent. I'm not saying I'm into all the popular weirdness out there (you can keep your fucking colonics thankyouverymuch), but you guys are the people I look to when I think about the social evolutions that could save not only the world itself, but all her beautiful diverse peoples. Hell, in my day-job industry, we hate your state, 'cause every claim is a zillion bucks to the claimant - hello, protecting the people and not the business.

So, when I hear about how over half of you voted to add discrimination and bigotry into your state constitution, I don't know what to say. I mean, how does that fit in with your whole radical agenda, Californians? How the fuck do you reconcile taking the national lead on climate change and immigrant rights, with this kind of hatred? I don't fucking get it.

Which is why, along with probably a substantial portion of the 48% of y'all who have some sense in your damn heads, and hopefully the eloquent Keith Olbermann, and people all over the country, I will be bringing my loud mouth and all my anger to Federal Plaza this Saturday at 12:30 p.m. to let y'all know how crazy I think Prop 8 is.

Chicago folks, hope to see you there. Everyone else, go here to find a protest near you - there's one in every state plus D.C.

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