Loud-mouthed liberal feminist. Anarchist knitter. Tequila-drinking artsy-smartsy fat chick. Bluesy folk-rock singer-songwriter. Rebel with too many causes. Quirky eclectic pagan poet. Paradoxical intuitive smartass. Sarcastic brainiac insomniac. You know, for starters.


Bonus third thing.

Jackholes who engage in conversation with me, and then proceed to say shit like:

Douchebag: you're far
Me: Far?
Douchebag: really really far
Me: From what?
Douchebag: me
Douchebag: oh i meant fat
Me: Uh. Yeah. And?
Douchebag: would you want your child to be fat?

...are funny to me. Sooner a fat kid than a stupid one, dumbass.

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