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Lemme sum up.

A few thoughts about the recent financial shenanigans:

  • We live in a finite world with finite resources. Did people really think that "profits" could be an endless line upward on the graph?

  • Doesn't anybody else find it just the slightest bit suspect that our financial system seems to be based on something other than actual value?

  • This is what happens when money is made to "work" (i.e., "Make your money work for you! Give it to someone else to invest, and she'll cut you in on the profit!"). The very idea seems inherently dodgy to me. Money doesn't make itself, no matter what magic financial firms might be selling. I remain unsurprised that it's not working sans safeguards. (Plus I'm young enough that it's likely my 401k and pension will be sorted out before it becomes an issue.)

This is why I am anti-capitalist. Greed begets greed. Unfettered, unregulated, unhinged greed leads to horrors on a global scale, with no consideration for the earth or her peoples. Really not okay.

And even more not okay to be taking it out of my tax dollars. Fuck Paulsen, and Bernanke, and Bush. And, hell, Reagan, too, while we're at it. Supply side MY ASS.

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