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OMG: Shows!

I have shows coming up, amazingly enough!

First, I'm playing this Friday evening (July 11th) at Clandestino, an underground supper club run by awesome Chicago chef Efrain Cuevas. I've played one of these before, and I HIGHLY recommend the whole experience. This dinner is being held in a ballroom, I'll be playing some music, and the menu....just wow. Very cool. This is a private party, so if you want to come, sadly, you have to have reservations and stuff, and (fair warning) it ain't exactly cheap. But if you got the Benjamins to throw around, it's totally worth it. Learn more here.

Secondly, I'll also be playing (with some friends!) on July 19th at "In Service to the Sacred: a Fundraiser to Save the Land at Diana's Grove," presented by Chicago Mysteries and Earth Spiritualists of Chicago. The funds raised at this event will go to save land near Diana's Grove nature sanctuary, dog rescue, and retreat center in Missouri - that's currently in danger of being clearcut. This unsustainable logging practice devastates the land and its inhabitants, and the Grove is spearheading an effort to save as much of the land as they can. The evening should be a good time -
in addition to playing a set, I'll be reading palms and Tarot cards for the rest of the evening. There'll also be drumming and dancing and potluck food (bring a dish to pass!) and a silent auction (bring anything you want to donate!) and other diversions, too.

July 19th, 2008, 6pm-midnight
2032 W. Fulton, Chicago, IL 60612
Admission is $5 and up; all monies go towards the land fund.

More info here or at the Grove website.

So, you know, maybe I'll see you at a show or something....

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