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The FISA fiasco.

So, maybe you know (or not) that our illustrious Congress has passed legislation that remakes the (previously reasonable) FISA regulations in the image that the Bush administration envisions...including retroactive immunity for telecoms - and, not incidentally, the Bush administration, too!

Candidates McCain and Obama actually agreed on this one, both (shamefully or shamelessly, I'm not sure which is more applicable) voting "yea" to enact it. (My Ass Kicking Awesome Other Senator - Durbin - and my Favorite Previous Candidate for President - Clinton - both voted "nay.") The Prez signed it into law...and the ACLU slapped lawsuits into action so fast his head is still spinning.

You can learn more about what the ACLU is doing to fight this new version of FISA here; if you're not already a member and supporting the great work the ACLU does to preserve the vital freedoms of all Americans, I encourage you to give what you can in support of this crucial effort.

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