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The Month of Tari: Almost Over Update!

First things first: America the Beautiful is still playing at Chicago's Landmark Century Centre Theater. If you haven't gone to see it yet, what are you waiting for? It's SO worth taking the time to watch, and the more people who watch, the more likely it will get a broader release...which is bad for the "beauty" industry, but good for, you know, PEOPLE.

Next: dye job notwithstanding, I'm still having hair ennui. I think I may need to get out the scissors. Hmmm...

More exciting: despite the inconsistent springtime weather Chicago has been enjoying, the month has been productive in the garden. We have ass-kicking sproutlets of basil and peas and carrots and chamomile and tomatoes and greens and marigolds and beets (which are actually beet colored!!). Soon, they'll be ready for transplanting, and our new back yard will become a wild, green paradise! Assuming we can convince the abundant wildlife to lay off...

Thumbs up: Nepal ends Hindu monarchy! Gay marriage legal in Cali starting June 17!

Thumbs down: the xenophobic, incredibly racist, un-funny, hackneyed, ripped-off, horribly written-acted-directed Indy IV!

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