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Katrina, times 50.

I'm heartsick at the news from Myanmar today...possibly 100,000 lives lost, millions homeless, entire cities flattened, a food-producing region devastated in such a way as will likely have widespread and long-lasting impact on future crops. Adding insult to injury, apparently the military junta that calls the shots in Burma is dragging its collective heels in getting humanitarian aid from outside the region over the borders so help reaches those who need it - not to mention prioritizing a "democratic" referendum of a proposed constitution (that just so happens to solidify the junta's power) over basic disaster relief.

It was bad enough that the junta cut internet service in Myanmar, destroyed media access, and took action against protesting monks....but now they're not easing restrictions so as to rush emergency assistance, in the face of the worst natural disaster since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami? What the hell?

ETA: Here are some ways you can help. Also, there's this resource from the American Red Cross. More when I find them.

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