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Amtrak rocks.

Attention, Democratic Presidential Nominee (whoever you wind up being!):

When you're sitting in the White House, contemplating how to pull out of Iraq and stop worldwide starvation and genocide...here's something to keep in mind when it comes to domestic policy. Nothing takes the sting out of crap gas prices like cheap train tickets....especially if the rail system is maintained well enough to get people from origin to destination in an efficient, timely manner.

A big part of my car-free, green lifestyle has been riding Amtrak as much as possible, when travelling outside the Chicago area. I've taken it to New York, St. Louis, and various destinations in Michigan. I have plans to someday hop the City of New Orleans (will I take my guitar and sing a Steve Goodman cover? you betcha!) and even do the rail vacay to Glacier National Park.

I love Amtrak, dear Democratic Nominee, and I know it's not properly funded. But doing so would be good for the environment, good for people's pocketbooks, and good for public opinion of the U.S. worldwide. Let's stop pandering to automakers, and start making rail service a real alternative form of transport!

Thanks bunches,
Loyal Amtrak Rider, car free since March 2001

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