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Fine points.

I like Hillary. The fact that she's a woman weighs in her favor, but even stronger motivation to vote for her comes from her policies. Don't get me wrong, I like Obama's, too, and would be happy to cast my vote for him...but when you're talking really nuanced differences, it's sometimes hard to find a path through the minefield of gender and racial stereotypes, and all the high drama that's accompanied this year's primary process. However, minute as they may be, there ARE differences, and they're differences I find important.

I like Hillary better. I think she's the better candidate. I think she's laying out a better plan to bring prosperity and peace back to the shores of this country, and her policies jive with what I want for the people who live here. I hope people will take the time to learn the differences in platform and policy....and not just get sucked into the cult of personality or the superficial differences. Although I know there's no escaping it, a presidential race shouldn't be a fucking popularity contest.

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