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Congress calls Big Oil Greedy Bastards!

Okay, so this makes me smile: Big Oil called on the carpet by Congress!

The House once more approved legislation to revoke oil industry subsidies (yay!), and direct that money to alternative energy instead. Last time this happened, the bill didn't make it past the Senate. Since then, fuel prices have gone steadily up...right in tandem with record oil company profits. Now, Congress is holding hearings to discuss what's going on, what needs to be done, and whether or not those subsidies can be redirected. (Hint: yes.)

Although President Bush has promised to veto this legislation, even some Republicans are starting to publicly comment that maybe something is fishy (the article linked above quotes NM's Domenici - whose idea of alternative energy is fission...but it's a start).

If you haven't already, visit Project Vote Smart to find out where your representatives stand on the issue, and how to contact them. Encourage your reps to stop giving the most profitable companies in history free money, and support alternative energy instead. And even if the bill gets vetoed, to put pressure on the President to stop handing out money to his Big Oil cronies.

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