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Say what?

I am currently in the process of moving. As part of this moving process (into a slightly smaller place), I'm getting rid of lots of furniture, which I'm throwing out on both Freecycle and Craigslist. This is not stuff I'm selling. This is stuff I'm giving away to whoever can make pick-up arrangements soonest. Pretty standard stuff.

So, today, I'm juggling three different people interested in my kitchen table. One asked for measurements, which I didn't have on hand. I told her I'd get her measurements if nobody else opted to take the set sight unseen. She thanked me for the response. The next guy sent me an e-mail saying he was interested. I asked him if he could pick the set up tomorrow; he responded by asking me to call him....and in the meantime, the third guy arranged to come and get it. So, I e-mailed the second guy to let him know that someone else had already taken it. Because I am courteous, and think it's polite not just to drop even an e-mail conversation in the middle like that.

The response? (And I quote...)"Fuck you!!!!! You could have called me you rotten bitch." (It was in all caps, but I won't recreate that eyesore here.)

So, I'm being polite....and I'm a rotten bitch. I somehow denied this dude the free dining set he wanted, because I didn't call a total fucking stranger who took the time to e-mail me, but not to make arrangements via e-mail. Yeah, that makes TOTAL sense. He's right. I am such a rotten bitch.

You know, I make no pretense to being particularly well bred or blah blah blah...but it seems like somebody ought to have taught this jackhole some fucking manners.


Anonymous said...

What the...

You know, we have Freecycled and given stuff away via Craig's List and strangely enough, it seems like there is something about the freeness of the item that makes the recipient harder to deal with. Like, it's free so the person can make more demands of us about it? It was a weird phenom. We ended up pulling the giveaways off Freecycle because people were such a pain in our asses.

What we did instead was to put all the stuff we wanted to give away in the alley, put an ad on Craig's List that says "Free shit in alley at Glenwood and Winnemac" and then watched out the window while people come from all over to pick it up. No muss, no fuss! The best was when we put two huge boxes of records in the alley. Within five minutes, indie rockers had flocked to the alley like carrion birds to a corpse! It was great.

Note: Just kidding indie rockers! ILU!

Tari said...

Yeah, the sense of entitlement is pretty crazy. Sometimes I wanna be like, "Hey, I'm doing you a favor here. Could you, I dunno, not be an asshole?"

I could just throw it all in the alley, but part of the advantage of this is that I don't have to do the heavy lifting. Lazy fattie and all.

Anonymous said...

I figured you of all people would be able to just levitate everything down to street level.

Tari said...

My levitation skills are a little rough. I'm much better at headshrinking and turning lead into gold.