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Music I'm Loving!

So, over on the sidebar, there's this list of song titles with their respective artists. I dunno about anybody else, but since I don't spend hours in a car while commuting, I don't really listen to the radio - which means that new music comes to me randomly on the internet, via searches and other people's recommendations.

That sidebar list is an exceprt from what I'm currently listening to, in case you like the same kinda thing I like. (I don't post mp3 links, 'cause DAMN do something for yourself!)

One really great source for new music is Fingertips Music, put together by an awesome dude who not only trolls the internet for free and legal music files, but who sends out weekly finds with in-depth critiques. I highly recommend his site.

This week's Fingertips missive was where I discovered that this year's South by Southwest mp3 vault was up and running. All of the songs on today's list (and probably for awhile to come, as I work through all the new material!) come directly from the vault. It's a great source for new artists, not-so-new artists, and indie artists of all genres.

Incidentally, if you haven't yet listened to my rough demo collection, what the hell are you waiting for?!

So, yeah...digital music, baby. It's where it's at!

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