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Zombie jokes aside, I love me some brains. (Not to ingest, although I have eaten brians before, and didn't really care for them. Like watered down liver-flavored jelly. I know, sounds good, right? Only not.) I am completely enthralled with how damn interesting brains are, and I consider neurology one of the most exciting frontiers of modern science.

Last year, TIME Magazine published a special series of articles on the brain and its anatomy and function. It examined both the anatomical and behavioral sides of studying the brain, as well as tackling the idea of consciousness and what modern brain science has to imply about the soul. Fascinating! (I recently went back to re-read it and have fallen in love with the issue all over again.)

My favorite article from that series is here. It's a little challenging in some ways, but thought-provoking in the extreme.

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