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There's this one at Scientific American, talking about quantum circuitry. Really interesting, and there are parts of it that remind me of Madeleine L'Engle storylines. Fascinating!

Also from Scientific American, there's this fabulous look at the hows and whys of making out. As an enthusiastic (if not skilled?) osculator, I was riveted. Mmm. Kissing is fun.

On the social justice front, I really was intrigued by this tidbit. It's interesting to consider the idea of limiting arts/media exposure to those sources that speak from my own perspective....but then again, I've yet to run into anything created by another urban-dwelling poor-white-trash-from-the-country fat chick pagan musician. And I utterly reject the notion that the dominant culture speaks to much of my experience, even if I am technically "Caucasian." Really thought-provoking, though, and a worthwhile experiment. It also reminded me, yet again, that I am very lucky, even if I still have to fight the patriarchy every day.

This synthesis of some recent findings (about how fatties don't necessarily cost more for healthcare, plus shaming them doesn't help them lose weight OR get healthier) was also nice to read. There are a few points I'd quibble over, but the point is right on the mark. Yay!

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