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So Friday night, I had plans. Shit happened, they fell through. (Mercury is retrograde; I should've expected this kind of bullshit. AARGH!) So, I figure I'll hit Borders on my way home, grab a new book, and amuse myself generally.

As I'm wandering over to see if the latest Thursday Next is out in paperback yet...and start to comb through the ol' SF&F secton for something new that doesn't look like some cleverly marketed romance novel...I notice that, on a Friday night, it is asses and elbows in the Sci Fi. I said excuse me more times looking for a book than I do when trying to navigate through a rush hour train station. There were geeks leaning up against shelves, flipping through manga comics (er, graphic novels?) and discussing that long-standing Sci Fi debate: Star Trek versus Star Wars (which seems particularly silly when they're talking about the reams of glorified fan fic that masquerades as the "sontinuing sagas" or whatever). There were even some proto-geeks chasing each other through the crowded store, making me recognize how old I'm getting....'cause I wanted to reach out and cuff them and tell them to be quiet and respectful of others in a goddamn bookstore.

Don't get me wrong. I mean, I was fucking there myself, but still...maybe geeks have a rep for a reason?

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